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" Asri will always be the main factor behind our popularity"


Rabbani Junior in the works


Nasyid group Rabbani is looking to draw youths to its brand of music with a young vocal nasyid group, writes HIZREEN KAMAL

IN March, award-winning nasyid group Rabbani celebrated its 13th anniversary in the music industry.

Reflecting on the ups and downs that they have faced, the group is humbled to be considered still relevant in the industry.

But in their joy, it is obvious that Rabbani still misses its lead vocalist, Ustaz Asri, who died nine months ago. The members comprise Mohd Asri Ubaidullah, Azadan Abdul Aziz, Muhd Loqman Abdul Aziz, Rahmat Syafie, Rithauddeen Yaakob, Nazrul Azhar, Afendi Shahbudin and Zulkiflee Aman. Spokesman Azadan Abdul Aziz feels he would be lying if he says that the group, popular for songs such as Intifada and Pergi Tak Kembali, is doing well without Asri.

“Asri will always be the main factor behind our popularity. It is not the same without him. It has been a tough journey since his departure. We feel incomplete and we can’t help but reminisce about the good times when Asri was still alive.

“Yes, we live in his shadow. Asri will always be that someone all of us look up to. He is an inspiration to all of us in this nasyid industry.

“It has always been Asri’s intention to also educate the young with our brand of nasyid music,” says Azadaat the group’s anniversary event at a hotel in Petaling Jaya recently. The event also saw the appointment of Rabbani as a product ambassador for Uzai Marketing.

And with educating the young about its music in mind, Azadan says Rabbani is working towards introducing a young vocal nasyid group. This group comprises seven members, all of whom are children of Rabbani members.

Aptly called Rabbani Junior, the group will come under the Rabbani Productions umbrella. Leading the group is none other than Asri’s fourth child Mohd Ilham, 12.

Azadan says Ilham seems to have inherited his late father’s talent in singing and music.

“Ilham has a beautiful voice. He has much potential and with the right guidance, he will be able to continue his father’s legacy.” The boy’s talent was first noticed a few months ago. “We knew that he could play the piano and guitar well. At that time, he did not show much interest in singing. But when he was selected to lead a nasyid group in his school, we decided to help him hone his vocal skills.” The person behind introducing Rabbani’s young apprentices is none other than Asri’s widow, Haliza Shahadan.

Fondly known as Jannah, she believed that it would serve the industry to have a young group comprising Rabbani’s offspring.

“Jannah felt that with proper guidance, they will be able to popularise these tunes among the young.” Rabbani Productions, which is hoping to enlist other new acts into its stable, will introduce Rabbani Junior with the release of singles. “This is necessary to gauge their abilities and how music listeners and fans of nasyid react to them,” says Azadan, whose son Mohd Izuan Izzudin, 13, is also in Rabbani Junior.

Two to three singles are scheduled for release by the end of the year. At the moment, Rabbani Productions is still selecting the right tunes for them.

“There is a possibility that Rabbani Junior will sing a number composed by Asri himself, one that he had written more than 13 years ago,” Azadan adds.

Meanwhile, he says they also hope to collaborate with KRU Music Group, who propelled Rabbani to greater heights with the fast-paced Intifada tune.

“Intifada brought us big success with its modern melody. We are happy to collaborate with them again, God willing.”

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