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Native Deen Berkampung di Indonesia

Native Deen kini Di Indonesia
Promosi Album terbaru " The Remedy "
Selepas Kunjungan Maher Zain ke Indonesia, kini kumpulan nasyid popular Native Deen berkunjung pula ke Indonesia bermula 4 daerah utama iaitu di Jakarta,Pontianak,Surabaya dan Malang.Kumpulan yang beriramakan Fusion Hip-Hop ini mempunyai tarikan yang tersendiri,dan dianggotai seramai 3 orang iaituJoshua, Naeem, dan Abdul-Malik.

Bermula hari ini 10 Ogos - 20 Ogos 2011 kumpulan Native Deen akan berkampung di sana,sempena promosi album terbaru beliau yang berjudul " The Remedy ".

Album Terbaru " The Remedy "2011

Senarai lagu-lagu dalam album " The Remedy "

  • Bismillah
  • Only Fear Allah
  • Mercy to Mankkind
  • Packed at All
  • Greatest One
  • My Faith My Voice
  • The Remedy
  • Ahad - The Story of Bilal
  • Hungry Ones
  • Ramadan is Here
  • Ya Taybah
  • Gaza
  • My Lord
  • I am Near
  • Our Earth

Lagu "Ramadan Is Here" turut dimuatkan didalam album The Remedy :

Berikut adalah Jadual / Aktiviti Native Deen di Indonesia :

Native Deen Tour of Indonesia

8/11 8:30am
“Apa Kabar Indonesia” TV Show at TV One (confirmed)
Program: Interview and mini performance

...11am - 1pm
Talk show on Music and Diversity at US Embassy
60 minutes performance with a-30 minutes discussion on Islam in America. A moderator or MC will conduct the program and translate, if necessary. There will also a collaboration performance with Tabib Qiu, a local hip-hop musician that focusing his music with Islamic lyrics.

5pm - 7pm
Iftar with orphanage children or underserved communities and Mini Performance

8 - 12 Jakarta

Radio talk show at Delta FM (confirmed)
Program: Interview and CD Give away

4pm - 5:30pm
Public Performance at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
General public and media, expected to have 800 – 1000 audience

9pm Performance at the Trans TV’s Ramadan Special live show
Trans TV is one of the most influential local TV station. The Ramadan Special is a live musical performance from numerous of Indonesian prominent singers and music groups. Native Deen will perform one song in this program.

8/13 Jarkarta
Performance at Islamic Boarding School Al Amanah Al Gontory
600 – 800 Students, faculty members, and local communities

8/15 Pontianak, West Kalimantan
9 -10am
Music workshop at SMA Muhammadiyah 1, Pontianak
Program: Perform one or two songs and screening of ND video clips
Participants: 50 people from local nasheed musicians, music teachers and students

8/16 Pontianak, West Kalimantan

9 - 9:30am Taped interview at Mujahiddin TV

10 - 11:30am
Live Talk show at Mujahiddin FM (confirmed)
Note: the ra dio will play some of ND songs from the CD but will ask for ND to perform live at least one song

4:30 - 5:30pm
Public Performance at the Tanjungpura University, Pontianak
Program: Full performance
Audience: 1200 people (general public)

Wednesday, August 18 – Surabaya, East Java

9 - 1030am
Discussion on Music and Diversity at American Corner of Airlangga University Surabaya
Program: No Performance; screening of ND video clips
Participants: 100 – 150 university students

830pm - 10pm
Public Performance during Surabaya City Festival for Ramadan
Program : Full Performance
Venue : Surabaya Mayor Office (out door)
Audience : 3000 – 4000 people
Note : Your concert is part of a joint program “Festival Ramadan” with Surabaya City Government and Jawa Pos media group. The festival consists of a series of competition on nasyeed and hadrah (traditional Islamic songs) for students from pesantren (Islamic Boarding Schools) in East Java throughout the day. Your concert will be outdoor and open for public

Friday, August 19 – Malang, East Java

3pm - 4pm Radio interview with RRI Pro2 FM on segment request conducted in English (confirmed)

4:30pm - 6pm
Discussion on Music and Diversity with orphanage children at the Public Library of Malang, followed by breaking the fast (iftaar)

Saturday, August 20 - Malang

930am - 11:30am
Public Performance at Dome Building, Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM)
Program : full performance
Audience : 6000-7000 students and publics

UMM is a private Islamic university, under the umbrella of Muhammadiyah foundation, the second largest Muslim social organization in Indonesia. UMM is one of the largest and top universities in Malang area. It also hosts an American Corner, which is a partnership program between the University and the U.S. Embassy. Your program here is organized by the International office in cooperation with American Corner. The audience will be newly enrolled students of UMM and high school students.

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